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The Right Words Can Sell A Home

House and neighborhood characteristics can positively influence the sale of your home, but what about the words used in the listing? The right turn of phrase could help your property sell quickly, but choose less descriptive terms and you may find it on the market indefinitely. Write an effective listing with the following tips: Choose Your Words Wisely One analytics firm reviewed the word choices of a million listings that closed in 2016. Phrases like “open concept” and “natural light” closed more quickly, while listings with “ceramic tile” and “two story” stayed on the market longer. Analysts also found that four word pairs associated with quick closings included “fence” references, indicating that privacy may be a top priority for buyers. Tell Stories With Emotion Capture potential buyers’ senses with your words, and try to paint a picture of what it would be like to live in the home. A claw-foot tub becomes a place of solace from the daily grind, and a large yard transforms into a buyer’s new outdoor respite. Need help? Consider hiring a professional writer; some real estate agents even have them on staff. Highlight Brand Names Don’t focus solely on basics such as square footage and […]
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10 Questions To Ask When Buying A Home

You have been house hunting for months and you have finally found it, your dream home. From the hardwood floors to the master bathroom, you know this is the place you want to call home. So it’s time to ask some essential questions that may not be obvious. It is important to hit every topic before you make a life-changing purchase. Below is a checklist of some of those questions that aren’t as obvious as they should be, but definitely worth asking. What is the home’s sales history? Did the sellers make any major renovation or additions? How much are the property taxes? What are maintenance and utility costs? Has there ever been a broken pipe? Sewer backup? How old is the roof? Have there ever been pest infestations? Are there warranties on the appliances, HVAC system, garage door, etc.? What are the parking restrictions around the house? Does the house have any kind of unusual history? For more information on why these questions are necessary to ask when buying a home click here. This information is reprinted from mibor.com. You can find the original article here.
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Does the house or any part of the house need painting? Shall I reseed the lawn and get the landscaping in top shape? What about the screens? Any holes? What about the windows? Do they  work well or do they need attention? Does the carpet need cleaning? How about replacing? Are pets under control at all times? Are all appliances in good working condition? Should I stay out of a prospective buyer’s way? What is they buyer’s first impression of the exterior of the house? What can I do to improve it? What is the buyer’s first impression as they step inside my house? What can I do to improve it? Since the buyer will be looking in the closets should I take some of the clothes out to make them look roomier? Can I take items from the kitchen cabinets to make them more spacious? Is there furniture I could store or dispose of to make rooms appear larger? Do any cabinets need to be touched up or refinished? Should I give my CENTURY 21 Scheetz Agent a list of things my family and I like about the house? What about the doormats? Should I replace them with new […]
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